Make your content different – it is important to get out of the monotony and try to create things that have not been seen before.


If you want to be taken seriously, it is important that your images are of high quality. Good advice from talented and serious photographers is more relevant than ever, now that social media has become a big part of our everyday lives. TAMOTE magazine presents the great photographer talent Andrea Pascual.

Can you tell us a little about you and your background?

- I'm 23 years old and I'm from Spain. I live in Gandia, a city on the coast of Valencia. 

My background in the world of photography began when I was very young. As an anecdote, when I was a child I played with the camera on my mobile phone, pretending to be a paparazzi. At 16, in the middle of my teenage years, I decided that it was time to start studying what I really liked.

 I have studied photography for four years, and am now specializing in fashion photography. Next October I will start an international masters in fashion photography and advertising. 

How do you define your style?

- In my opinion it is very important to have formal training in photography. I still have a long way to go but thanks to the work that I have done so far, I am finding opportunities to show my work.  I try to be innovative and dare to try new things in each of my sessions. Behind each session there is a big creative process. It's not easy to do sessions where the budget doesn't
exist, and you have to be very imaginative to get good results with limited resources. But when you see the result, it's worth the effort. 

It is nothing new that there is more competence in the area of photography.
Nowadays everyone is called a photographer, so it is important to find that
point that differentiates you from the rest and take advantage of it. I try to
make each session different from the previous one in order to generate more
varied content, and this is how I enjoy creating new Things.

What are your top three tips for those who want to become a skilled photographer?

- Make your content different. It is important to get out of the monotony and try to create things that have not been seen before. 

- Don't be discouraged - the world of art is a complicated way, but we have to trust ourselves and be persistent. 

- And finally, be loyal to your style. These days social networks and "likes" obsess many people. There can be pressure to make your work conform to others' expectations. But you should stay true to yourself. 

Can you tell us briefly about these photos? The thought behind? Use of light? Camera, lens? Depth of field, outfits etc?

- In most of my sessions I am also the stylist. Fashion is something that has always interested me, and I love being able to reflect it in my photos.

The sessions I do are born from the inspiration of something in particular. For example, I may see a model and from it create a universe to photograph, but this also happens with objects, makeup or clothing. I see something I like and I adapt everything to create my photos. As far as the more technical part is concerned, I don't use much equipment. It makes me feel more comfortable and it's easier for me to move around during the session.

- I use a Canon 80D, with a 24-70mm and 50mm
lens. I always use natural light and I complement this with reflectors.

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