Do you remember your very first idol? When admiration and respect grew strangely fast, but you didn't care why, you just wanted more.

Often, music is implicated in people's first idol, which reinforces and affirms feelings you may not have fully understood before. It is not often you find an idol that makes as strong an impression as the first idols of adolescence.

TAMOTE Magazine is proud to present our new unusually gifted idol Xenie Zasetskaya.

What is the most exciting thing art and photography have in common?

- Art and photography are inseparable. For me, photography is an art of capturing the moment.
Moreover, I can create these moments like a real artist. I draw reality the way I want to capture it. Therefore, it seems to me that photography and art have so much in common that this question does not need an answer.

How would you describe your personal style?

- Let my style be determined by the audience or critics. I just do what I like. I do what I think can bring people an aesthetic pleasure. Genres, styles and directions are not so important.

Where does your creator joy come from?

- People, whose inner beauty determines their outer beauty, give me joy. I mean when, regardless of appearance, a person radiates the energy of beauty, confidence and strength. Nature gives me joy in all its manifestations. Whether it's an incredibly beautiful landscape or just a small bouquet of dried flowers.

Textures of walls and fabrics, unusual facial features, combinations of noble shades of color, sounds, light. A faceted thick-wall glass, which is transformed by this light into a dozens of small rays... Details are the source of my joy and inspiration.

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