- I also have a long-term journey in the art of boxing. I have several matches and trained with the women national team in Norway, and World Champion Timothy Bradley's trainer in the US.


Meet the multi-talented IT girl who easily exceeds your expectations, Victoria Julie Seemann

What is your secret talent?

- I'm a woman of many talents. I'm generally known as a business and finance consultant but I also have a flair and passion for web content creation. My love for visual contents makes one of my greatest desires: photography to designing interiors etc., I find my hands useful with web designs as well.

 I won't really call it a hidden talent but I also have a long-term journey in the art of boxing - I have several matches and trained with the women national team in Norway and World Champion Timothy Bradley's trainer in the US.

What characterizes / inspires your personal style?

- My personal style is basically related to embracing our core innate values. I honestly feel inspired by the beauty of human nature and ideally, fashion is a work of art that is centered on the aesthetic nature of the human body. Embracing nature and including heart into my fault about the human body helps me to create my own personal style of fashion.

What is your best accessory purchase ever?

- It's a LV Speedy Bandoulière 25 handbag in Monogram Empreinte leather that was originally created for travelers in the 1930s..

Do you have one garment you can't live without?

- A good work of art should be recognized and spoken for/ about. The black little dress from NAKD is currently my favorite "live without" dress because it connotes the Elegance and chick in me. It is address of few words in many languages which resonates with my personality.

If you could decide next summer's trend, what would it be?

- Designing next summer trend would be a positively challenging task that I'd love to handle. Given the opportunity, I would consider this proposed summer trying to be an (all-in-one) trend. In that manner it will feature all sizes, profession and skin colors- instead of looking so uptight in a professional outfit and make it a bit simple but classy. More so I will design the trend to feature all aspects of Beauty and nature: featuring earthly colors, skin tones, curves etc. In all manner of fashion wears.

Who is your fashion idol?

- I draw inspiration from so many things especially those affiliated with beauty... so I do not really see fashion from other people's eyes but my very own. Also in terms of Fashion I love Victoria Silvstedt's Style and I'd love to design clothes that will speak to people and their elegance.

What is your best experience so far, and what do you hope to experience before you grow old?

- I believe life to be a streamline of experiences and lessons and I have had my fair share of life experiences. I am ecstatic to have come this far and I think my greatest achievement is making the decision to starting my life, taking a hold of my personality and career which has not been easy but I have managed to foster through it all.

I hope to be able to achieve uniqueness and togetherness in any line of business that I choose especially in my own consulting practice - I would like to use my talent to bring unison to the world by helping businesses grow and become more sustainable in the long run.

Do you place most emphasis on trends or personal style?

- I would say my emphasis is generally on personality because I feel fashion should be able to speak with your persona; which makes whatever you are wearing resonate with you.
In other words; it helps you to carry yourself in terms of fashion because fashion is a way of life. So, I don't really base my emphasis mostly on trends but on personality and style.

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Can you tell us briefly about these outfits? Brands, about price and what you like about them?

1) It's a colorful look, one of my favorite shoulder padded dresses from Zara. A fun yet classy dress combined with my favorite Prada glasses. I like how it matches with the sea and my strawberry daiquiri.

2) This is my casual after work look, I love these flared pants from the Swedish brand Chiquelle - I use them quite a lot both at work and at home. We went for a coffee after work so I changed from silk blouse that I had, to this fitted military green top from DKNY for a more laid back look.

3) This look is feminine with a little bit of edge, just like me! It consists of a leather jacket from NA-KD, a long satin skirt from Chiquelle called "Promise Me love Satin Skirt" (https://www.chiquelle.se/nyheter-online/promise-me-love-satin-skirt-mink) in color "mink" and blouse from the same brand ( https://www.chiquelle.se/nyheter-online/romance-blouse-tan  ) in color tan. I paired it with my favorite Tiger of Sweden black pumps and LV Speedy Bandoulière 25 . Since I'm collaborating with Chiquelle you may use my code "SEE20" to get 20% off all items at Chiquelle store (this week only) at www.chiquelle.no

4) This look is simple yet elegant, and is perfect for work related events - this picture was taken after a meeting, in collaboration with Chiquelle (I'm their brand ambassador) so the whole look is from Chiquelle.

Skirt: https://www.chiquelle.se/nyheter-online/after-work-mini-skirt-black  
Light Knit top https://www.chiquelle.se/klader-online/trojor-stickat/light-knit-white

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