I love how dark, different and badass they look and that's the kind of beauty I want to share.


Mylène Van Laere, started photographing when she was 13 years old.

What inspired you to begin with photos? What characterizes your style?

- I'm a French photographer based in Lille (north of France) i'm 23 years old and I started photographing 10 years ago. I've always been interested in portrait photography, I started taking photos of my friends and family as i think every photographer did in the beginning

- My environment was my inspiration, my cats, my town, my sport (gymnastics), myself.
Nowadays, I really love working with models which have a particularity (tattoos, piercings, alternative-grungy styles). I love how dark, different and badass they look and that's the kind of beauty I want to share. I also really enjoy playing with perspective, lines and buildings. I like shooting in dark and dirty places, where no one would have thought ''hey, let's shoot there, that's so beautiful !''. I love how irregular raw concrete is, i love the neon lights of parking lots, i love light reflection on metal bars. 

- But on the other hand I can make sunny and warm photos, the way the sunlight cut off/out the face and creates harsh shadows inspires me a lot. I really like the post-production part. Re-discovering your photos and modifying them is so thrilling ! When I stumble upon a really good photo i just stop for a few seconds and then start editing it to see what the final result would be like. I feel so excited and proud of what we managed to do. Then I look forward to showing the team and thanking them for the wonderful job they have done.

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