I love that feeling. When the model sees the pictures i have photographed, and her face lights up


photographer and designer Regina Behm shares her thoughts on photography.

Can you tell a little about you and your background? What inspired you to be a photographer?

- I worked as a model while studying graphic design to get some pocket money.
I never understood why photographers are so happy to take photos of people they do not know.
And then the subject photography started and I understood the technic and I did some photo shoots with my girlfriends.

I realized very fast, I love that feeling. when the models see their pictures , and their faces lights up. How grateful people are. It is a joy and a priceless feeling.

What characterizes your style?

- My style is just to bring out the beauty of the subject. People or things. My massage to people is to show that everybody can look as amazing as celebrities in Magazines. It gives me great joy.

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