I think there are different definitions of success. There is financial success and then there is being able to stay independent in the choice of work you produce.


Three question interview with the amazing Katja Mayer.

What is the key to success as an artist and when and how did you feel that you were widely accepted?

- I think there are different definitions of success - there is financial success and then there is being able to stay independent in the choice of work you produce. Ultimate success for me the freedom to create on my terms. It's an equilibrium of sorts, of course financial success brings certain opportunities but with it comes pressure to conform.

It's a good idea to develop a recognisable style that carries on throughout your work.
Secondly, it's very important to know your market and network to find the right collaborators and clients.

In terms of my fashion work, I started to feel things shifting a few years ago when I got commissions with a healthy budget that would not dictate creative ideas to me but instead trust me and book me on the merit of my existing body of work. Previous to that, money and creative freedom often seemed mutually exclusive.

How do you characterize your style?

- I am generally drawn to that which is invisible, that which attracts yet simultaneously disturbs in some way.Visually, I predominantly work in colour. Set is a very important element, I am always looking to combine contrasting textures; something that evokes a visceral feeling when looking at the image.

My work is often described as being melancholic.

What is the main reason why art has and continues to fascinate?

- If art is the manifestation of human creativity, it is a continued expression and exploration that most of us engage with one way or another; there is no end point, there is no finding an answer.

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