- I wish we could live in a world, where we don’t hide behind filters and adjust our bodies in photoshop to get a lot of likes on Instagram.

Meet the German top blogger Jorinna Scherle  "Instead of stressing us out to gain absurds beauty ideals we would be so much happier if we accept our bodies, the temples of our souls as the most valuable thing we own".

What characterizes / inspires your personal style?

- To catch it in two words: Parisian inspired and vintage influenced. Designer brands like Chanel, Dior, Céline and Chloé definitely have a huge impact on me. It's always a search for perfection, but perfection is only beautiful when it's incomplete. So it's a constant process of reinventing, combining in a new way and also growing older with the things I have. I stick to a few items and try not to jump on every trend. I don't like to waste resources. Many times I take the inspiration from inside. Instead of asking myself, how do I want to look, I rather choose my outfits by how I want to feel. Synaesthesia plays a big role in my life and also is key for my style of photography.

What is your best accessory purchase ever?

- It's an old YSL Minaudière from the 80ies. It really is a little treasure box.

Do you have one garment you can't live without?

- It's a white silk blouse. The rest is exchangeable more or less.

If you could decide next summer's trend, what would it be?

- I absolutely love the starting body positivity trend. I wish we could live in a world, where we don't hide behind filters and adjust our bodies in photoshop to get a lot of likes on Instagram. In my full-time job as an art director I am confronted by clients who want to advertise products for woman aged 40+ but choose models around 25. It somehow is stuck in our heads that age has something to do with beauty, as well as body size. But the reality is, we all grow older and looking like a runway model does not include a healthy lifestyle. Instead of stressing us out to gain absurds beauty ideals we would be so much happier if we accept our bodies, the temples of our souls as the most valuable thing we own.

Who is your idol?

- One of my idols definitely was Karl Lagerfeld, such a source of inspiration, even if I don't agree with everything he said. My idols aren't the people with the loudest voices, I really fall in love with the way people do things. Like Monet, who was sitting so many hours in gardens to paint those impressive huge paintings. Or Renoir and his talent for female sculptures.

What is your secret talent?

-To be honest I think I don't have one. I am the type of person who turns every hobby into a passion, which results in simply having no time for many other things. I learned drawing and painting in my studies, which is something that I miss, if I start thinking about secret talents...

What is your best experience so far, and what do you hope to experience before you grow old?

- My personal best experience and also the one that is making me the most happy is to see myself also as a mother. My son is 3 years now already, and he totally changed the way I see myself. Of course I hope to be a grandma one day, too.

Do you place most emphasis on trends or personal style?

- Trends come and go, so developing a personal style, that last for decades, is probably something more desirable. But for sure, there are trends, I cannot resist, especially if it comes to accessories like shoes and jewelry. In general I try right now to really focus on essentials and adding not too much. It is all about the art of leaving away that interest me the most at the moment.

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Can you tell us briefly about these outfits? Brands, about price and what you like about them?

1) It's an all white look, silk blouse with high waist shorts and strappy sandals. A timeless outfit combined with a classic Chanel. I like that it's uncomplicated. Kind of basic with very high quality items.

2) One of my favorite winter dresses by Valentino. I found that one vintage in Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco. It's a bit oversized and I love belting it. Wearing that dress I feel super comfy and warm and also so retro with the hound's-tooth check and the velvet details.

3) This look is built around the cropped dodobaror top, which has quite a lot of decorative elements like attached pearls, buttons with perforations and ruffles. So it's the main actor in this look and all the other items like the shorts (Mango) and the bag (Abbotlyon) are just quiet companions.

4) A very special outfit for me: I bought the poncho in a small village in the mountains near Mexico City. The skirt is vintage from a second hand shop in Beverly Hills, LA (Diane von Fürstenberg). And the Chloé bag was a birthday present. So all these pieces somehow really mean a lot to me. They are all about memories and emotions.

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