I want to show the beautiful side of the world through my creations.


 Anastasia Evdokimenko " making cakes is not my full time job. It`s my craziest passion for creating "

She started the company "it`s cake o`clock" in Norway, Oslo the summer of 2018

You are creative, talented and artistic. Why did cake become your specialty?

Cake making started when I was disappointed again and again in a store bought cakes (mass production). They were either dry or too sweet. Not to mention - super boring design. First I was working on the taste - I wanted my cakes to be flavourful. Not like you put a spoon of sugar in your mouth but actual taste of cake sponge towards cream etc. It was hours of testing and trying and feeding my friends hahah Thank god for their patience. Everything I do - I do from scratch. I do not use jam from a supermarket, I make my own compoté f.e. I use finest Belgian chocolate for my cakes and cakesicles. It is priority number 1. Once you try the good stuff - you will never go back.
Second - I wanted a cake to be a centerpiece of the party. That people would love the look of it first, take pictures and then enjoy the flavour as much. I never remake the same cake design, it is impossible physically. You will never achieve exact same shade of color for example. And second - each cake has a piece of my heart and soul. I put everything in each cake.

Where does Your inspiration come from?

Inspiration is coming from so many sources. There are many talented cake makers out there. You can take an inspo there and bring to the next level, your own level. I am very fond of music, photography and different art, so I am influenced by that too. I want to show the beautiful side of the world through my creations. We have enough of darkness in this world, so it is important to brighten up.

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