Ønsket å bli kunstmaler, ble regissør i Paris

Marta Bevacqua er født og oppvokst i Roma, Italia. Hun drømte lenge om å bli kunstmaler. Hun flyttet etter hvert til Paris, Frankrike hvor hun jobber som regissør og fotograf. Kreativiteten og talentet hennes er imponerende. Noe som merkes på for eksempel instagram hvor hun har 378.000 følgere. Jeg stilte henne noen spørsmål så vi kan bli litt bedre kjent denne fantastiske multikunstneren

Growing up did you know you wanted to work with photo,if so who were you influenced by?

- Yes and no. I always wanted to become a painter, so
somehow I wanted to work in the visual arts. I ended up being a photographer
but I was very close.

No particular influences, just my parents that always
brought me and my sisters to exhibitions and gave me an approach to art since
I was very young.

what characterizes you?

- I am quite solitary and a big reader, I lose myself
into dreams.

What are some of the mistakes you made starting out aphotographer?

- Taking so much time to move from Rome, Italy (where I
was born and grew up).

what motivates you?

- The beauty I see around me, everywhere.

What are 3 things clients look for when hiring aphotograper in your opinion?

- It really depends on a photographer, anyway I think
that on a general basis: professionality, creativity, skills.

How did you grow your Instagram account?

- Just publishing pictures.

What are some of the risks every artist needs to taketo be successful?

- The risk it won't work.

What else do you do outside of photo?

- I read and write quite a lot. I love to walk. I study
other languages than the 3 I already speak. I like doing normal things, like going to the cinema,
going out with friends and my boyfriend.

Who are some of your 5 must-follow Instagramprofiles?

There are so many that it's quite impossible to answer.

For mer inspirasjon, følg Marte på instagram under navnet martabevacqua eller på hennes hjemmeside https://www.martabevacquaphotography.com/

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