Once I ran away from home and went with a new girlfriend to travel around Belarus


Meet the fantastic photographer Nicole Demeshik. The person behind these strong Pictures.

Can you tell us about yourself?

- I was born in Belarus, in the city of Mosti. And most of my life i lived in Belarus, Grodno. I'm from a simple Family. My mother and father separated when I was 3 months old. I didn't like school, so my grades always upset my mother. I was a child with character. Once I ran away from home and went with a new girlfriend to travel around Belarus. I sent my photo to the newspaper where the beauty contest was held. It was printed, and I was invited to the model agency in Minsk.

- I made my first portfolio with a photographer in Brest, Belarus. Then in a couple of months I was in Moscow. I worked in Moscow as a model for5-6 years, then I became a photographer.

How important is photography for you?

- Photography is my life. With today's cameras everyone can take nice Pictures. For me, photography is an art, and a story. I shoot all the time, It inspires me. I love to take pictures. I like the process itself. I do not think about anything else when I am in the process, fully focused. It fascinates me and I am completely in this meditation.

How would you characterize your style?

- I like life itself and the whole life. I like freedom and impermanence. I like constancy and lightness. I like to live, like not to be attached to anything. Therefore, photography characterizes more than me. If my mood is sad, pensive, then the photo story will be in that mood. If I'm in love, it will be colored by a different mood. I like to be real in the whole sense of the word! Both inside and outside the present!

Sincerity is my quality. My style is freedom, sensuality, sexuality, tenderness and softness, strength and comfort, luxury and simplicity! Yes, I allow myself to be who I am today, and not who I was yesterday.

- The best advice is to be yourself, always and everywhere, and in everything! And never change yourself or force yourself!

There is no constancy in this life. We create the balance by choosing the path to be real! And love what you do. Never do what you don't like.

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