Refreshingly different.

Meet the popular artist from Iceland, Ýr Jóhannsdóttir.

inspiration from animals that clean their eyes with their tongue
inspiration from animals that clean their eyes with their tongue

It's easy to see that you enjoy knitting, what is it about creativity that gives you inspiration and joy?

- It is a good question, but It's hard to find the right words to answer it. I think creating is my way of coping with what I should be doing with my life, it makes it easier and gives me joy and I'm happy to see when it gives others joy too. Just like how other art and creativity I consume gives me happiness and makes every day more fun.

Your liberating originality and humor is like a breath of fresh air. What are your thoughts on copying and imitating others?

- Since my work translates well into the knitting world, my work mostly consists of knitting, I think copying and imitating goes with it. Knitters often follow knitting patterns and do it not just for the final outcome but for the process of making and creating something that they like and already exist.

That's why I tried out making an experimental zine that shows in a visual way the knitting pattern on how to upcycle your old sweater with my "sleik" tongues. But since I don't follow recipes that was an interesting and a bit difficult task but I'm happy to see how well it has worked out.

I've been seeing a lot of different variations of my work and it's amazing how open minded and creative people have been in working with the zine! And it's also a fair way I feel that people pay me a small amount of money to support me and give me the respect as the creator of the design they're "imitating".

 Also knitting is such a slow process, it's very hard to get fairly paid for my work and it's quite rare to find people that can afford or are open to spending too much on knitted art, we are too used to clothes being cheap. So in a way knitting your own clothes or upcycling them into your dream garment is the segment of slow fashion I'm becoming most attracted to.

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