Something that really inspires me and that is quite present and constant in my outfits is the parisian style


She can pose. Curious and creative. Meet model and blogger Agustina Torti.

- I describe my style as chameleon like: it's diverse and it changes a lot. I don't think it as a specific one, I like mixing different things from many styles and overall, playing and experimenting with fashion. I basically wear what I like; but something that really inspires me and that is quite present and constant in my outfits is the parisian style. I also adore the seventies and nineties fashion, and as I'm a really creative person; I even find inspiration in movies, tv shows, art pieces, music, architecture, etc.

Can you briefly talk us through thees outfits?

- Those outfits were mainly created with pieces from She In (a brand that I've worked with several times in the past and that I love), vintage ones and some that are a little bit pricey. I currently don't have the budget to spend on really expensive pieces, so I try to look the best I can with affordable options and if I do get something on the pricier side, it's something that I know I would wear a lot, like the Dr. Martens Jadon boots, which are timeless and they last a lifetime. What I like about these outfits is that they represent me without saying a word; I see fashion as an art and as a form of telling about yourself without words. What I love about them is that they make me feel empowered, confident and they give me the opportunity to play with the multiple sides of my own style.

What is your best accessory purchase ever?

- Oh, that's a hard one! I love all the accessories I have, I think they change and elevate an outfit a lot. I'm a huge fan of sunglasses (I have a huge collection), earrings and bags (small ones).

Can you name your three favorite instagram profiles?

- I have many favorite Instagram accounts, but my favorite three would be:




Do you place most emphasis on trends or personal style?

- I definitely place more emphasis on my personal style; I do take into consideration the trends, but I don't always like them; for example, I don't like animal print and I've never worn it, so I won't wear it just because it's trendy. I think that's what you start doing once you find your own style, and that's one of the reasons I made my blog, to help others to find or create and develop their fashion sense.

What is your secret talent?

- A secret talent of mine is that I'm extremely good at Cooking.

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