The biggest joy is working with other creative people and having fun.


Caroline Grzelak creates inspirational photographs with her active light drawings
and creative playfulness. Although we are in the year 2020, she prefers to
do it in the old-fashion way.

What triggers the most joy in your creative processes?

- Apart from taking pictures, the biggest joy is working with other creative people and having fun. I like playing with analog photography, mixing polaroids, instaxes, medium format, and 35mm. I feel like I'm painting a picture and I have a lot of tools to choose from.

You are a girl of few words on your instagram profile. Why is it important to let the images speak for themself?

- I don't want to talk too much about my photos. I am interested in what people think about them, how they interpret them differently and it is really fascinating. Each person has a different sensitivity and feels something different. Thanks to this, I can look at my work from the perspective of other people, it is developing. I also create my photos very emotionally, I don't talk about them much, I just do what I feel.

What fascinates you most about film photography?

- I am fascinated by how you can get some effects that are impossible to do in the best programs on your computer. I am inspired by the creative process itself, the opportunity to work with medium format. I love the process of taking a photo, and thinking carefully through everything because on one roll of film I have only 10 pictures.

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