- I would definitely describe my style as very retro 90’s, early 2000’s & Parisian.

Photo: @susboydarius
Photo: @susboydarius

When identity radiates. Meet Ariana Natalie Benitez.

What's on the wish list?

- I would love to own 1990s coco Chanel belt & a Vivienne Westwood 'Portrait Collection' corset, circa 1990.

Who is your style icon?

- I have many style icons from drag queens to iconic 90s models to celebrities from other centuries. At the moment it's definitely @alexademie

If you could star in a movie, which movie would you choose?

- That's a hard question I love a lot of movies and there is so many to choose from.  I had loved to be in Lizzie McGuire Movie or Twilight Saga! It was always my dream when I was a lil girl. Having the best time in Rome, it's a yes! As for Twilight I was kinda obsessed. Plus they both had a best soundtracks and outfits.

What characterizes / inspires your personal style?

- I would definitely describe my style as very retro 90's Chic. I'm very inspired by the 90s, early 2000s & Parisian style.

Can you name your favorite instagram profiles?


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Can you tell us briefly about these outfits? Brands, about price and what you like about them?

#1 That outfit was put together by my most stylish friend Jessica @hottcheetoqueen. She is the one who styled me for that shoot. My favorite piece from this look has to be the skirt with is from Love Too True & the very 2000s shades. She also paired it outfit with a white crop tank that had Hollywood written on it with rhinestones. She thrifts a lot of her clothes which are mostly one of a kind piece. She is So Incredible with styling!

#2 This is an outfit I put together for another shoot. I'm wearing thrifted jeans that say Boss in-front. Those were $25 bucks. Paired with a cropped lil devil tee that I got at Brandy Melville I want to say it's $15. And lastly my favorite piece which is my friend Darius' brand @sensitivecreatures Mental Vacation Truck Hat which is $40. My favorite detail on the hat is that it's pink & has rhinestones.He also shot/creative directed the photo his page is @susboydarius

#3 This Outfit was for my birthday shoot that was theme to be very early 2000s. Another outfit styled by Jessica. The Fuzzy Bucket Hat is probably the only thing I own from that whole look! It was actually my moms when she was younger.

#4 This is a more casual outfit that you could probably see me all the time. I love dressing & cute & comfy. I'm wearing a Brandy Melville crop top that says 'Don't Call Me Baby' I believe it was $18. Paired with my thrifted corduroy trousers that I got for $20. I accessorize it with my vintage coach shoulder bag that was my mother's. Lastly my ride or dies Nike Air Force 1 that are beating up!

#5 This is another look that was inspired by the early 2000s. This photo shoot was shot by my talented friend @caliber.visuals .
I'm wearing a Hello Kitty cropped top $20 from my friends shop @hottcheetoqueen. She goes out to thrifts stores and finds the most cutest things. I'm serving some underboob with a PlayBoy Bikini Top. Bottoms are thrifted jeans that I got for $15 bucks nothing special. I accessorized the look with 2000s Pink sunnies from @mixlemonade
Lilac jacket and Bling Belt from @shopgypsyqueen.

#6 This is such a simple look I did on my way to go grab some lunch with a friend.
I was on my way out & I did somewhat natural makeup.